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Personalized governing: Understanding and empowering residents with the help of data analytics

The ever-growing volume of information created in today’s digital world opens up new opportunities for governments. Both local and federal government organizations can use data to learn more about their residents and collaborate with them to address community issues. Such

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Taking steps towards a data-driven citizenry

Government efficiencies are something we can often be quite critical about. We’re all quick to complain and share our opinions on how to improve transport, housing affordability or alternatives to lock-out laws. However, the main complaints are usually based around

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Mongolians target open data to monitor choking air

Local people could use OpenAQ’s online system to assess conditions in their heavily polluted capital.

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The future of citizen urban research

It’s hard to dispute that research is changing, with the likes of open innovation and citizen science allowing a much greater pool of talent to participate in an activity that was traditionally the preserve of the few. This shift has

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Teaching Open Data for Social Movements: a Research Strategy

Alan Freihof Tygel and Maria Luiza Machado Campo at the Journal of Community Informatics: “Since the year 2009, the release of public government data in open formats has been configured as one of the main actions taken by national states in

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Open Data is Powerful, and the Government Knows It

As an American living and working in Shanghai, I’ve come to appreciate any kind of device or service (VPN, Skype calls home, etc.) that allows me to access information from outside my immediate reality. On a grander scale, however, is

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The future of government is open

The World Bank Group sees the pillars of a more open and citizen centric government–transparency, citizen participation, and collaboration–as strategic priorities in its work on governance because they suggest concrete ways to promote shared prosperity. Having made significant strides to

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Open Data for Business Tool: learning from initial pilots

Citizens in Nigeria participate in a readiness assessment exercise to identify high-priority datasets Around the world, governments, entrepreneurs and established businesses are seeing the economic growth potential of using Open Data – data from government and other sources that can

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