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Creators have given away 1 billion works on the internet to use for free forever

The creators of more than a billion photos, videos, songs and other works are giving them away on the internet for others to use for free forever — a big milestone for Creative Commons, the non-profit organization behind the copyright

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Jeanne Holm Keynote on Open Data, Open Government; their relationship to You.

Gov 2.0 L.A. is very fortunate to have been able to get Jeanne Holm, from both NASA and US.DATA.GOV to speak at consecutive events. At the 2012 event she led a brilliant discussion about uses of Open …

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For a fact-based Worldview

(This article was originally published at Blog about Stats, and syndicated at StatsBlogs.) Hans Rosling, co-founder and promoter of the Gapminder Foundation and of gapminder.org fights with statistics against myths (‘Our goal is to replace devastating myths with a fact-based

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Open Data Innovator Stories

Back in the spring we hosted Local Open Data: Reaping the Benefits – a day devoted to raising awareness of the good stuff going on with open data at a local level. Now, with Open Data Camp coming to Manchester

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Walkthrough for 2015 Global Open Data Census Updates

Last week at the Canberra meetup we were joined by Stephen Gates to discuss the Global Open Data Census. After organising a demo of the update process we’ve produced the following video to give everyone an easy to follow walkthrough

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Meet the Team: Philipp Rustemeier

Philip Rustemeier is our resident coding guru and helped to design the Open Data API. If you’ve watched our coding tutorials you’ll know his voice. We asked him why he enjoys working on projects like the #EULife Open Data contest.

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Video: Louise Corti from the UK Data Service

Louise Corti is our UK Data Service supervisor for the #EULife AppChallenge. She’s a data science expert and an Associate Director at the UK Data Service. We asked her why Open Data was so important for the future of the

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Mapping Community Resilience in Indonesia {Video}

By Shadrock Roberts, Resilience Network Initiative Director Today we’re excited to release this video that highlights Ushahidi’s work in Indonesia and how we’re finding resilience in unexpected places; using the convening power of open data to connect citizens to city

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One FoI request, 175 million taxi trips

In March 2014, the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission shared an infographic about yellow taxis on the road in New York It’s #metricmonday again! Today’s #infographic shows data on yellow taxis on the road by day and time. #nyctaxi pic.twitter.com/EF5AsZm74H — NYC

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ODTV Video of the Week: Improving Relationships Through Open Data

In Montgomery County, Maryland, the benefits of open data stretch beyond transparency. In this week’s featured ODTV video, Dan Hoffman, the Chief Innovation Officer for Montgomery County, identifies some of the advantages of sharing data, from economic development to increased

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