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What Works Cities: Using open data to improve outcomes for people and communities

Originally from Indiana, Eric has spent his career working and partnering with organizations around the world to improve public sector performance. Before coming to GovEx, Eric worked on public education initiatives as a Fulbright Grantee in South Korea and at

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Personalized governing: Understanding and empowering residents with the help of data analytics

The ever-growing volume of information created in today’s digital world opens up new opportunities for governments. Both local and federal government organizations can use data to learn more about their residents and collaborate with them to address community issues. Such

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The City of No-Frills Innovation

A media juggernaut is already beginning to amass in the Gulf Coast, eager to retell the story of Hurricane Katrina and take stock of the efforts to rebuild affected communities 10 years on. Then as now, New Orleans was and

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First ‘Things’ First

I was pleased to see the recent post by the ODI on the open-shared-closed data spectrum since it resonates with the challenges faced at OpenSensors. To date most of our commercial projects have been at the private end of the

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ArcheoFOSS: free/open source software and archaeological research, ten years later

Another batch of videos from CAA– this time on a subject near and dear to my heart: In 2006, when the first “Italian workshop on free/open source software and open formats in the archaeological research process” took place at the

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How open data boosts citizen engagement in Uruguay

With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Uruguay based health service startup A Tu Servicio, a finalist for the Open Data Innovation Award. The Open Data Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in open

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Open Data tool to help Arts and Heritage reach communities

Culture Everywhere helps organisations engage communities Culture Everywhere wins Nesta and ODI’s Heritage and Culture Open Data Challenge. The new platform uses open data to help organisations support and engage communities An online platform that helps arts and heritage organisations

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Reclaiming the “Smart” agenda for fair human outcomes enabled by technology

(Lucie & Simon’s “Silent World“, a series of photographs of cities from which almost all trace of people has been removed.) Over the last 5 years, I’ve often used this blog to explore definitions of what a “Smart City” is. The theme that’s

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