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Personalized governing: Understanding and empowering residents with the help of data analytics

The ever-growing volume of information created in today’s digital world opens up new opportunities for governments. Both local and federal government organizations can use data to learn more about their residents and collaborate with them to address community issues. Such

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Hey, Big Spender – Using linked data to inform the management of public funding

Hey, Big Spender – Using linked data to inform the management of public funding   Here at AAM Associates we’re exploring how various data sources and approaches can be used to drive social impact. Earlier in the summer we supported a

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Three reasons to open up data to business users

No one denies the ability of big data (both structured and unstructured) to deliver insights to individuals, businesses and public service organizations. But who is responsible for making sense of the data, then providing the insights? You would be forgiven

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Public Sector News: Utilizing data and social media for public benefits

The week of August 10, 2015 was quite an interesting week in public sector news, especially in regard to education. A story about child geniuses destined for careers in cybersecurity is particularly noteworthy. And a passionate argument about data in

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Data leaders are taking action and getting results

When it comes to emerging roles such as those of chief data officer or chief analytics officer, one of the few constants is change. New personalities step into the limelight, industries contribute their own twists and early experiments can evolve

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Making the most of data: making data more open

A while back, I published an article on the use of open data sets, covering some of the things that were already being done and what may be possible in the near- to mid-term.  After this was published, David Patterson

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African Open Data: A Call for People-Driven Information

Editor’s Note: Can open government be imposed from the outside? The first Africa Open Data Conference is scheduled for this September 1-3 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Among its supporters is IBM Chief Information Strategist Steven Adler, whose blogs on open

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In 10 years, ‘crowdsourced computing’ has changed the world; now it’s tackling Ebola

What do doctors, alien enthusiasts and you and I have in common? We can all play a crucial role in discovering cures for diseases. While some of the above may not have the expertise – or, indeed, brain power –

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