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“Open Data Lost Ground in 2015: An Analysis of the 2015 OKFN Open Data Index” in SILK STORIES

The Open Knowledge Foundation just published the 2015 edition of its Open Data Index. The Index “provides the most comprehensive snapshot… Continue reading on Medium »

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Three reasons to open up data to business users

No one denies the ability of big data (both structured and unstructured) to deliver insights to individuals, businesses and public service organizations. But who is responsible for making sense of the data, then providing the insights? You would be forgiven

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OpenGov Voices: Using open data to analyze crime in New Orleans

Jeff Asher, founder of Jeff Asher Consulting and author of the Behind the Numbers blog. Open data has positioned the world of crime analysis for a leap forward in much the same way that sabermetrics has revolutionized baseball over the

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Measuring scholarly use of government information: An altmetrics analysis of federal statistics

Publication date: July 2015Source:Government Information Quarterly, Volume 32, Issue 3 Author(s): Tara DasPurposeThis paper examines how federal statistics is used in scholarly research via a new type of citation analysis that leverages the strengths of information aggregators, like Altmetric LLP,

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Analyzing the health of Philadelphia’s bike share system

Last month, I wrote about my initial attempts to model and predict the usage patterns of Indego, Philadelphia’s new bike share system. To recap: If you’ve ever used a bike share before, you know that one of the biggest fears

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The Analysis

Ok, this post provides a quick analysis of the Scenario. As a guide, this sort of analysis should take about 30 minutes. To get the most out of this exercise, read the scenario post, write your plan and then read this analysis.

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Getting youth excited about data

At the end of July, the GovLab Academy finished delivering in Washington, DC, two sessions of the US Department of Agriculture’s first Open Data Summer Camp for middle and high school students. The experience was, by all accounts, highly successful.

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Analyzing Landsat Data with Treasure Data and Amazon S3

As a data scientist (or would-be dabbler), you’ll want to get a handle on pulling data from open data from public sources. More and more, those sources can be found in Amazon S3 buckets.   Treasure Data now offers a connector

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