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The Open Data Ecosystem

How to bring the right people to the table Continue reading on Medium »

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Roll your own OSM with Macrocosm

Last week we launched Macrocosm, a NodeJS version of the OpenStreetMap API. This is the first part of an open toolkit we are developing to make it easier to set up your own version of OpenStreetMap. Governments and NGOs manage

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Open Data: Privacy & Security

Civic hackers and open data are children of public-spirited and trusting Gen Xers in the same way that personal computers, open source software and the Internet were the children of altruistic and ingenuous Baby Boomers. Unfortunately, altruistic and trusting children

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Open data governance in a big data context: Evidence from the case of oceanography

Abstract: Organizing for big data and open data, in our highly digitized world, is a necessity. Extant literature focuses on open collaboration in the context of business ecosystems and science. However, little attention has been paid to the kind of

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The Analysis

Ok, this post provides a quick analysis of the Scenario. As a guide, this sort of analysis should take about 30 minutes. To get the most out of this exercise, read the scenario post, write your plan and then read this analysis.

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Innovating with open data: overcoming the challenges

ODI Programme Manager Briony Phillips outlines some of the challenges and trickier aspects of innovating with open data, and suggests ways to overcome them. The experiences of the Open Data Challenge Series teams have helped unpick and illustrate a number

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10 Challenges for Open Data

It has been six years since Tim Berners Lee called out for more raw data. A lot since then has happened, but critics often point out limited visible impacts and the lack of public awareness. So the question is, what

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The art of battling giants with open standards

‘To remain competitive, companies need to contest collectively by maintaining a sustainable ecosystem of partners and an open standards policy’ Everyone loves a good underdog story. Money Ball, Forrest Gump, Billy Elliot, The Lord of the Rings – the list

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Do cities need one more hackathon?

These days apps4Europe (http://www.appsforeurope.eu) is ending. In the last 3 years apps4Europe tried to redefine the dynamic of hackathons making them more effective resulting in more and better apps putting into practice concepts such as the Business Lounge. This is

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Code For Europe (Scotland)

As I wrote in my previous post, Aberdeen City Council have joined Code for Europe 2014. Code For Europe Badge Following the international meeting in Barcelona, and ahead of the appointment of the code fellows, the four participating Scottish councils

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