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North American bikeshare systems get boost with open data standards

The North American Bikeshare Association (NABSA), working with representatives from the largest b…

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Visualizing Bikeshare Data

(This article was first published on Working With Data » R, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) This entry is part 18 of 18 in the series Using R Seattle’s Pronto bikeshare system recently announced a Data Challenge for data visualization using

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Five ways that open data can improve your life (in Bath)

We thought it was high time we put together a list of useful things made by local developers, all of which are powered by open data. Read on to see our short list of free applications. And a call to

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Open data startups get a €100k boost

Open Data Incubator for Europe funds seven startups to innovate with open data, with wide outcomes from tackling infectious diseases to publishing commodity prices Seven businesses from across Europe will receive up to €100k EU grant funding after being selected

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The challenges of live data

We’ve got several live datasets in our data store, including feeds from the air quality sensors, the car park gates, and the availability of bikes on the Next Bike stands around the city. Everyone loves a live, regularly updating dataset.

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Visualizing Indego bike share usage patterns in Philadelphia (Part 2)

A couple months ago, I made an initial foray into understanding the usage patterns of Indego, Philadelphia’s new bike share system. This month, I thought it’d be a fun exercise to revisit that data set to see if I could

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From Amsterdam to Beijing: The Global Evolution of Bike Share

Despite being nearly 50 years old, bike share is only recently seeing widespread international growth. However, with better data and improved models, bike share’s future looks extremely bright. (Photo: LesHaines / Flickr) Nossa Cidade (“Our City”), from TheCityFix Brasil, explores critical questions

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Open Data, GIS, and Nonprofits

The idea behind “open data” is that accessible data promotes government transparency, civic engagement, and the ability of community members to create solutions to problems within their communities. In this way, open data can be a rich resource for nonprofits.

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Customer-Driven Government

Introduction Public trust in government is low — of the 43 industries tracked in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, only one ranks lower than the federal government in satisfaction levels.  Local government ranks a bit higher than the federal government,

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Analyzing the health of Philadelphia’s bike share system

Last month, I wrote about my initial attempts to model and predict the usage patterns of Indego, Philadelphia’s new bike share system. To recap: If you’ve ever used a bike share before, you know that one of the biggest fears

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