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How Startups Are Transforming the Smart City Movement

Remember the 1990s visions of the future? Those first incantations of the sweeping “smart city,” so technologically utopian and Tomorrowland-ish in design? The concept and solutions were pitched by tech titans like IBM and Cisco, cost obscene amounts of money,

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Schiphol Airport working on open innovation

Schiphol Group, the owner and operator of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, is making its data and functionality available to the developer community. According to CIO Albert van Veen, the market — i.e. developers and users of mobile apps — is better

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Open data businesses – an oxymoron or a new model?

Building a business based on open data may seem counterintuitive, but new models are emerging with greater frequency and demonstrating how to integrate open data into a business operation in a useful and profitable manner. Identifying the type of open

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Lessons from Seoul’s Two Sharing Economies

Emily HongCrunch Network Contributor Emily Hong covered the sharing economy and startup ecosystem in Seoul, South Korea as a 2014-2015 Fulbright Scholar. She is currently a policy program associate at New America’s Open Technology Institute. How to join the network

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Innovating with open data: overcoming the challenges

ODI Programme Manager Briony Phillips outlines some of the challenges and trickier aspects of innovating with open data, and suggests ways to overcome them. The experiences of the Open Data Challenge Series teams have helped unpick and illustrate a number

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Reflections on innovation powered by open data

ODI Programme Manager Briony Phillips reflects on the innovation she seen during her time managing the Open Data Challenge Series, and calls for more of the same. Just as some don’t know that their cosmetics are made from oil, some

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