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Open Data – Using Free Data to Build Your Business – with Joel Gurin – The Foundation

Joel Gurin, author of the book and website Open Data Now, knows everything there is to know about open data and how companies and entrepreneurs are using it to create and develop their businesses. Ope…

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How To Build A Business From Open Data, Part 2

In the previous post we discussed ways in which data can be categorized by the amount of value that is added to it. This was an important… Continue reading on Medium »

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How To Build A Business From Open Data, Part 1

How do you build a business from open data? This was the question that we had on our mind as we recently took part in the Open Data… Continue reading on Medium »

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Open Data in a Day for Business

On November 5th 2015, I had the opportunity -not to mention the pleasure- to follow my very first open data related seminar entitled “Open Data in a Day for Business”, organized by the ODI Athens node…

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The Success of #OpenData Portals is Not the Data, But The #Community Around It.

It Started With A Tweet Between bouts of Beechams Powders I had been glancing over some of the open data NI tweets….  then I said this. @ssands14 @theshawe @opendatani @BankofInvention @Y_Influencers @thomas_d_gray @KainosSoftware you need the social element, involvement —

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Perspectives on Devo-South

1. The bids so far and mapping out our challenges Our most recent research report for Business South looked at the challenges and opportunities in central southern England – incorporating some great maps from OS – and analysed the bids so

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Devo-South: a report on devolution and business

Devo-South: a report on devolution and business What are the challenges facing southern England, how can devolution empower local leadership to tackle them, and what do business leaders make of the opportunities offered by the government’s decentralisation agenda? Download the

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Finding the Intersection of Business and Data

One of the most important things government leaders can do is to take a short trip outside the headquarters building to see how customers are using your products.  This is especially important for the open data economy, where public information

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Open for business: how is open data being used by companies?

On Wednesday, 16 September the ODI hosted its quarterly ODI Connect event at Arup’s Fitzroy Street headquarters, with a focus on the use of open data by business. Open data is being used by the retailers on our high streets.

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