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Year One at the Southern Policy Centre

Why a southern think tank? We were launched in 2014 by Greg Clark and Lord Adonis to provide public policy focus for central southern England: the area from Dorset to West Sussex, and the Isle of Wight up to Oxfordshire.

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Perspectives on Devo-South

1. The bids so far and mapping out our challenges Our most recent research report for Business South looked at the challenges and opportunities in central southern England – incorporating some great maps from OS – and analysed the bids so

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Devo-South: a report on devolution and business

Devo-South: a report on devolution and business What are the challenges facing southern England, how can devolution empower local leadership to tackle them, and what do business leaders make of the opportunities offered by the government’s decentralisation agenda? Download the

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Good stuff, continued

This is a slightly edited version of a post originally published on DATA.GOV.UK In my previous post I argued that a combination of ‘chance’ and open data can lead to good stuff happening. I supplied a few examples, and also

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Where did ODI Hampshire come from?

The ODI has been running a global network of open data nodes for almost two years, but what does ODI Hampshire bring to the table? There are really two answers to this question. Hampshire is truly a great area for

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Which GP surgeries will be most under pressure by 2020?

It’s difficult to predict what services will be like in the future. People move around, there’s an ageing population, and all sorts of other changes might affect the shape and performance of individual services. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, however,

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Demonstrating the value of open data – GP Pressure Map

I was really pleased to see GP Pressure Map featured on the BBC’s South Today programme on 31st March.GP Pressure Map – part of the Open City Data Platform – was one of the “highs” I mentioned in my final post on

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Leaving on a High

Deep breath I’m leaving Hampshire County Council, and am stepping down as lead for the Hampshire Hub. There, I’ve said it. Looking back I wrote my first post Hampshire Hub (Thoughts on What a Hampshire Hub might be) in February

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Hampshire recognised as a local Open Data Champion

Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude has recognised sixteen local and regional authorities – including Hampshire County Council – as open data champions. More information is available in the announcement on GOV.UK and in a blog post on DATA.GOV.UK by

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Back story: the data journey in the production of the GP pressure map

This is a guest post by Leo Valberg, Senior Data Scientist at Nquiringminds. This post was originally published on the Nquiringminds blog. The Open City Data Platform is one of the initiatives the Hampshire Hub Partnership is involved with.  #1 The

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