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Creating Value through Open Data

Press Release: “Capgemini Consulting, the global strategy and transformation consulting arm of the Capgemini Group, today published two new reports on the state of play of Open Data in Europe, to mark the launch of the European Open Data Portal.

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Perspectives on Devo-South

1. The bids so far and mapping out our challenges Our most recent research report for Business South looked at the challenges and opportunities in central southern England – incorporating some great maps from OS – and analysed the bids so

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Devo-South: a report on devolution and business

Devo-South: a report on devolution and business What are the challenges facing southern England, how can devolution empower local leadership to tackle them, and what do business leaders make of the opportunities offered by the government’s decentralisation agenda? Download the

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Viscous Open Data: The Roles of Intermediaries in an Open Data Ecosystem

François van Schalkwyk, Michelle Willmers & Maurice McNaughton in Journal: “Information Technology for Development”: “Open data have the potential to improve the governance of universities as public institutions. In addition, open data are likely to increase the quality, efficacy and efficiency of the

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Towards decision support for disclosing data: Closed or open data?

Article by Zuiderwijk , Anneke and Janssen , Marijn in Information Polity: “The disclosure of open government data is a complex activity that may create public value yet might also encounter risks, such as the misinterpretation and misuse of data. While politicians support data

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A systematic review of open government data initiatives

Paper by J. Attard, F. Orlandi, S. Scerri, and S. Auer in Government Information Quarterly: “We conduct a systematic survey with the aim of assessing open government data initiatives, that is; any attempt, by a government or otherwise, to open data

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New Report: “Open Budget Data: Mapping the Landscape”

How might changing the way that information about public money is organised, circulated and utilised in society shape the character of democratic engagement and political accountability in decision-making about public funds? How are ideals from the open data movement gaining

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​New report: How Open Data can drive sustainable development

Open Data — data that is freely available online for anyone to use and republish for any purpose — is being widely recognized as a resource with economic and social value. ​In recent years, several studies — including those led by

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Open Data: A 21st Century Asset for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

The economic and social potential of open data is widely acknowledged. In particular, the business opportunities have received much attention. But for all the excitement, we still know very little about how and under what conditions open data really works.

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New Discussion Paper: “Democratising the Data Revolution”

“New technologies are leading to an exponential increase in the volume and types of data available, creating unprecedented possibilities for informing and transforming society and protecting the environment. Governments, companies, researchers and citizen groups are in a ferment of experimentation,

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