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The 2016 Open Data Roundtables: New Report on Putting Data to Use

From March through June 2016, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the nonprofit Center for Open Data Enterprise ran a series of four Open Data Roundtables. These events brought together a total of 290 experts

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Open Data – Using Free Data to Build Your Business – with Joel Gurin – The Foundation

Joel Gurin, author of the book and website Open Data Now, knows everything there is to know about open data and how companies and entrepreneurs are using it to create and develop their businesses. Ope…

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Fighting Climate Change: The Ultimate Data Challenge

The Paris Agreement on climate change announced on December 12 has been hailed as a triumph of diplomacy and international cooperation. It was all that – and it was also proof of the power of data. Decades of data on

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Democratizing Data – How Open Data Drives Sustainable Development

Later this week, world leaders will adopt the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations. As they face the huge task of meeting these goals, they should consider drawing on a powerful new resource. Open data – data

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New Report: How Open Data can Drive Sustainable Development

By Joel Gurin and Laura Manley, Center for Open Data Enterprise and Oleg Petrov, World Bank. This article is cross-posted from the World Bank Information and Communications for Development (IC4D) Blog. Open Data — data that is freely available online

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​New report: How Open Data can drive sustainable development

Open Data — data that is freely available online for anyone to use and republish for any purpose — is being widely recognized as a resource with economic and social value. ​In recent years, several studies — including those led by

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Visualizing Open Data’s Global Reach

This article is cross-posted from the Blue Raster Blog. Blue Raster worked with the Center for Open Data Enterprise to build a mapping application showcasing a centralized, searchable database of organizations using open data worldwide. The Open Data Impact Map makes it

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Data-Driven Cities: A New Global Trend

No one could ever accuse Michael Bloomberg of thinking small. The former New York City mayor has taken on national and global issues ranging from gun control to climate change, with varying degrees of success. Now, through Bloomberg Philanthropies, he’s

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How Open Data Is Transforming City Life

By Joel Gurin Start a business. Manage your power use. Find cheap rents, or avoid crime-ridden neighborhoods. Cities and their citizens worldwide are discovering the power of “open data”–public data and information available from government and other sources that can

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Big data and open data: what’s what and why does it matter? | Joel Gurin

Both types of data can transform the world, but when government turns big data into open data it’s especially powerful • What government can do with big data – livechat Big data and the new phenomenon open data are closely

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