posts on a large map

An experiment to display posts on a map.

Be warned, the geotagging is pretty arbitrary as some posts don’t refer to any one location. Typically:

  • If the post is about a specific place and there’s an address already published, that’ll be used.
  • If it’s about a city, it’ll be tagged to the centre of the city
  • If it’s about a country, and there’s no more specific information, the Capital city will be used
  • If there’s no location mentioned at all, then the location of the publisher will be used (if that information is readily available)
  • If the author has a public Twitter profile, and they state a location, that’ll be used

I’m currently using the WP Geo plugin for the geotagging, and the WP Geo Big Map plugin to display on a map. (there’s another experiment over here, which is automatically geotagging the most recent posts)

[big_map lat=”50.9002049 long=”-1.3977362″ zoom=”5″ lines=”0″ backLink=””]