Mashup of posts on a single map

Helping to put open data on the map – an experiment showing posts as pins on an interactive map of the world.

Be warned, geotagging is currently pretty arbitrary, as some posts don’t refer to any one location. Typically:

  • If the post is about a specific place and there’s an address already published, that’ll be used.
  • If it’s about a city, it’ll be tagged to the centre of the city
  • If it’s about a country, and there’s no more specific information, the Capital city will be used
  • If there’s no location mentioned at all, then the location of the publisher will be used (if that information is readily available)
  • If the author has a public Twitter profile, and they state a location, that’ll be used
  • If there are no reasonably obvious clues as to a location, then the post won’t appear on the map

View the main map (please be patient whilst it loads!)

View the main map

world map with pins leading to open data related stories
Each pin on the map relates to a story or article involving open data