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Unlocking Multi-modal Transport using Big Data: India’s Eastern Corridor

Rail and waterways are the most environmentally friendly modes of transport. They also provide the backbone for accelerated economic growth since they are able to carry huge amounts of freight over longer distances and in an economically efficient manner. The

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Francophone open data camp organized by GODAN partners

#HackFrancophonie is a new upcoming open data camp led by French-speaking countries such as France and Burkina Faso. The event is organized by GODAN partners Burkina Faso Open Data Initiative (BODI) and the World Bank, and includes the Open Data Etalab

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Open insights is the next step to Open Data

One must think of government data like matchstick; it must be taken out of its box and lit. The first step to generating public trust in a government institution is to show it has nothing to hide. The disclosure of

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How Satellites Can Help Us Understand Global Poverty

Algorithms identify farm land in Sri Lanka (in red) to analyze the agricultural productivity in the region—a possible indicator of economic development. (Orbital Insight) Citizen surveys are the most comprehensive means available to track poverty, but they aren’t perfect. They

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Satellites for development, what is in it for you?

In the past few years there have been a growing array of development projects using satellite images. Some recent examples from our blogs are poverty measurement in Guatemala, overview of the ESA satellites partnership with the Bank, monitoring oil flaring,

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How we made #OpenIndia

  It has been a season ripe with new ideas and shifts in the open data conversation. At the Cartagena Data Festival in April, the call for a country-led data revolution was loud and clear. Later in June at the

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How do you access data on poverty?

End Poverty Day tomorrow comes among heightened discussion about poverty’s causes, its measurement and what we can do to end it. The international extreme poverty line has been updated to $1.90/day, the recent Global Monitoring Report projects that the number of

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In post-earthquake Nepal, open data accountability

This map shows landslide sites. ICIMOD a team led by NASA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) maps and monitors potential geohazards using satellite data. One of the first things I did after the earthquake on 25th April was

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Breaking down the doors: Bringing contract deals into the open

Photo: Department for International Development : Supplying medicines (CC BY 2.0) Fighting corruption was at the center of the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia that ended in September. Not surprisingly, Open Contracting, an approach to bring deals between

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The future of government is open

The World Bank Group sees the pillars of a more open and citizen centric government–transparency, citizen participation, and collaboration–as strategic priorities in its work on governance because they suggest concrete ways to promote shared prosperity. Having made significant strides to increasing

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