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“How Budeshi can help Nigeria track public services and tackle corruption using open data” in Code For Africa

A few months ago, my team at the Public Private Development Centre launched a project called Budeshi which means “open it” in Hausa… Continue reading on Medium »

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Breaking down the doors: Bringing contract deals into the open

Photo: Department for International Development : Supplying medicines (CC BY 2.0) Fighting corruption was at the center of the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia that ended in September. Not surprisingly, Open Contracting, an approach to bring deals between

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Why Residents of Mexico City Are Organizing Themselves Against Parking Meters

Mariela paid a meter for two hours to park on Amsterdam Avenue in Condesa, a trendy neighborhood in the middle of Mexico City. She paid with coins, and claimed to have returned shortly before her paid time was up, only

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