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How Satellites Can Help Us Understand Global Poverty

Algorithms identify farm land in Sri Lanka (in red) to analyze the agricultural productivity in the region—a possible indicator of economic development. (Orbital Insight) Citizen surveys are the most comprehensive means available to track poverty, but they aren’t perfect. They

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Satellites for development, what is in it for you?

In the past few years there have been a growing array of development projects using satellite images. Some recent examples from our blogs are poverty measurement in Guatemala, overview of the ESA satellites partnership with the Bank, monitoring oil flaring,

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How We Made Losing Ground

By Brian Jacobs From the Losing Ground interactive. It began in February 2014. A few of us at ProPublica headed uptown to the Tow Center at Columbia for a two-day crash course that helped define this project. From Lela Prashad,

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Open Drone Imagery

Since the beta launch of OpenAerialMap we’ve been approached by satellite companies and drone operators looking to share images with resolutions ranging from 30 meters down to 3 cm. Some of the drone imagery we’ve seen is particularly impressive. The

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