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What is the vital data infrastructure for agriculture?

Announcing a public consultation on an Agriculture Sector Package for the Open Data Charter Open data can play an integral role in achieving global food security. Photo credit: flöschen / CC BY 2.0. As populations continue to grow and climate

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ILRI using satellite imagery to protect and insure livestock in East Africa

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), based in Kenya and Ethiopia, has created an innovative insurance product to protect livestock keepers from drought related asset losses insurance, as part of a coping and adaptation strategy. According to the research institute,

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Francophone open data camp organized by GODAN partners

#HackFrancophonie is a new upcoming open data camp led by French-speaking countries such as France and Burkina Faso. The event is organized by GODAN partners Burkina Faso Open Data Initiative (BODI) and the World Bank, and includes the Open Data Etalab

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Help us find valuable data for agriculture

Contribute to our list of different types, sources and examples of data related to agriculture, and help us develop a better understanding of data in the sector We are exploring how open data can be used to improve agriculture and

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Prototyping a new data collaboration platform for sustainable development

Guest contributors Julia Duncan and Nic Covey write a blog post on how to present data to researchers and practitioners in a productive, centralized way. On September 25th, on the margins of the UN Sustainable Development Summit, our organizations (The Demand

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Open Data & Farming 101

What is open data? We all make decisions everyday based on different sources of information. Much of that information ultimately starts out as digital data. Open data is about changing the default, so that instead of being locked away for

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Open Data: a Key to Feeding 9 Billion People by 2050

Posted by Justice Wright, USDA Research, Education, and Economics mission area, on September 18, 2015 at 2:00 PM NPR’s “The Takeaway” program recently examined the “The Biggest Challenges Facing America and the World.” The episode included an interview with USDA

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Guardian features GODAN’s work on open data to combat global food shortage

Today the Guardian publishes an in-depth feature on the importance of open data in achieving food security and its vital role in helping to combat hunger in an era of population growth. Use cases from the GODAN/ODI discussion paper ‘how can

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