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Interview for The Guardian on why open data doesn’t mean open government

I was recently interviewed for a piece in The Guardian about “Why open data doesn’t mean open government”. Here’s the section of the interview from which the article quotes: It is critical to remember the distinction between ‘open data’ and

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Guardian features GODAN’s work on open data to combat global food shortage

Today the Guardian publishes an in-depth feature on the importance of open data in achieving food security and its vital role in helping to combat hunger in an era of population growth. Use cases from the GODAN/ODI discussion paper ‘how can

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How Africa can benefit from the data revolution

Neil Lawrence in The Guardian: “….The modern information infrastructure is about movement of data. From data we derive information and knowledge, and that knowledge can be propagated rapidly across the country and throughout the world. Facebook and Google have both made

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Open data can unravel the complex dealings of multinationals

Groups like OpenOil and Sourcemap could be the beginnings of an alternative accounting system that helps investors make sense of global businesses If you are a socially conscious investor trying to build a holistic picture of BP’s operations, where do

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Doping scandals, open data, and the emergence of the quantified athlete

Blood-doping data from 12,000 tests and 5,000 athletes has been leaked to The Sunday Times and the German broadcaster ARD/WRD by a whistleblower at the International Association of Athletics Federations. According to a report in The Guardian, the data suggested

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Comments for Guardian article on appointment of Mike Bracken as UK’s Chief Data Officer

Post: 24 April 2015 There’s an excellent new article by Marc Ambasna-Jones on the Guardian website: Does the UK need a chief data officer? It includes some quotes from me on aspects related to open data. Following are the full

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Five ways open data can boost democracy around the world

Want fairer taxes, less corporate lobbying and more open politicians? Here’s how open data can help On 21 February, thousands of transparency activists, software developers, designers, researchers, public servants, and civil society groups are gathering at more than 100 cities

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Devolution, Italian-style – the cities forging their own futures

Spaghetti open data and confiscated Mafia assets: Italy’s cities aren’t waiting around for PM Matteo Renzi’s promised reforms “This city doesn’t need a mayor, it needs a marketing expert,” said the former mayor of Florence, now Italian prime minister, Matteo

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Open government: getting beyond impenetrable data files

Simply making data available online isn’t enough – it needs to be created with the end user in mind Mathematician Blaise Pascal famously closed a long letter by apologising that he hadn’t had time to make it shorter. Unfortunately, his

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How big data is transforming public services – expert views

We asked our experts how government can handle big data better and mitigate the risks of privacy breaches • Read the debate in full • Big data video – register your interest It’s a bit of a misnomer: “Ex-Guardian writer

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