Francophone open data camp organized by GODAN partners

Francophone open data camp organized by GODAN partners

#HackFrancophonie is a new upcoming open data camp led by French-speaking countries such as France and Burkina Faso. The event is organized by GODAN partners Burkina Faso Open Data Initiative (BODI) and the World Bank, and includes the Open Data Etalab Burkina Faso, IFC Media and the Open Government Partnership. The event will take place at NUMA (Paris) on February 19, 2016.


Over 8 Francophone countries and 3 continents will be represented by government and local associations teams working on open data. Participants will arrive with open data projects at different stages of development, their local knowledge and technical skills. They will share their processing techniques, collaborative data output (e.g. geospatial crowdsourcing) as well as their data resources and free software (e.g.

Co-organized by Etalab and the Government of Burkina Faso, the goal is to use this open data to expand geolocation data of schools, reuse electoral data and adapt the cotton sector to climate change. Civic organizations such as Balai Social Justice will explore the applications of electoral and extractive open data with the aim to obtain better government accountability and citizen information.

According to the organizers, “by working together actors with different backgrounds and skills, HackFrancophonie will share practical skills around open data-based projects. The achievements of this day will help to demonstrate how open data is a powerful instrument for the development of French-speaking countries and, ultimately, to create a truly open data Francophonie.”

The camp’s collaborative agenda will take part in two phases:

From 9h to 17h: The day will begin with a 2 minutes on each person announcing their intended tasks for the day. Participants will then be divided into ten teams and develop their projects during the day, bringing their skills in IT development, analysis and data visualization, or industry expertise.

From 17h to 19h: Teams will update others on the progress of their projects, presenting ideas, applications and data-visualizations made during the day. This will be done in the presence of major international development actors – a cocktail reception will continue into the evening.

Register for the event here and follow #HackFrancophonie on Twitter for more information.

Information on the event in French can be found here.