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Satellites for development, what is in it for you?

In the past few years there have been a growing array of development projects using satellite images. Some recent examples from our blogs are poverty measurement in Guatemala, overview of the ESA satellites partnership with the Bank, monitoring oil flaring,

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Is the open data discussion open enough?

David Saldivar is the Aid Effectiveness Policy and Advocacy Manager at Oxfam America. The conversation around open data for development is expansive; but even with all the talk the discussion almost always lapses into a narrow dialogue between donors and

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The relationship between extractives and financing development

11 August 2015 Eddie Rich The EITI as a tool for bringing the benefits of natural resources to citizens. Many important points were made at last month’s Financing for Development Conference in Addis, Ethiopia. Moving from declarations to actions will

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Romania publish to IATI

Recently, Romania became the first EU-12 country to publish data on their development cooperation activities. As coordinators of the Romania development cooperation programme, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania (MFA) are committed to improving the transparency of their activities

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Toward data-driven development: Big improvement or big buzz?

Source: Devex By Thomas Omondi / International Development Research Center / DfID / CC BY-NC-ND Let’s face it, we’re a data-obsessed society. The question as to whether or not data is increasingly interpenetrating our lives is obsolete. Data is everywhere: in

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Five ways Addis was different from Doha and Monterrey

Our Africa Regional Director, Nnenna Nwakanma, shares her reflections from the Third International Conference on Financing for Development (FFD3) in Addis Ababa. In 2008, it was the sandy city of Doha, Qatar, that hosted the second International Conference on Financing

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How open data and international development need to learn from one another

As we increasingly acknowledge that open data is a culture change challenge, how can the open data movement learn from more established development actors in how to design support programmes? Last week in Addis Ababa the international development community committed

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Making Geocoded Data More Accessible: Introducing Level 1A

Accessibility is one of the key attributes of ‘open’ data. With this in mind, AidData is excited to announce several improvements to our upcoming geocoded datasets that will lower barriers to entry for end users who want to see who

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Becoming a Data Driven Organisation: Cordaid Becomes Latest Member of IATI

Recently, the Dutch NGO Cordaid became a member of IATI, the latest step in a long-standing commitment to transparency and open data. Cordaid have been publishing data to the IATI Standard since 2013, and last year launched an Open Data

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Good news from Addis Ababa, where the outcome document of the Third Financing for Development Conference has been agreed, and IATI is positively referenced in paragraph 127 as follows: “We recognize that greater transparency is essential and can be provided

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