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Open Data Power: Better Natural Resource Management

In this four-part series, we explore the ways that open data transforms the world. Sound extreme? Putting data behind seemingly intractable problems is the best way to tackle them, whether it’s providing access to nutritious food, combating disease, saving the

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An Open Data Concession Map of the World – Part I, Sub-Saharan Africa

For the past year, OpenOil has collected oil concession data from all continents as a contribution to what we believe holds the potential to revolutionise natural resource management across the globe: an open data framework around the extractive industries. Today,

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The relationship between extractives and financing development

11 August 2015 Eddie Rich The EITI as a tool for bringing the benefits of natural resources to citizens. Many important points were made at last month’s Financing for Development Conference in Addis, Ethiopia. Moving from declarations to actions will

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A Tale of Three Cities

13 April 2015 Eddie Rich Day 1 of Board programme in the Congos: 13 April A Board delegation visits a school close to the Katanga mine in Lubumbashi, DRC. Image: EITI International Secretariat. This week promises to be a monumental

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