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Research : Open Data for Islamic Finance

What’s the benefit of Open Data for Islamic Finance ? What’s the added value ? This research aims to show the benefit of open data for the Islamic finance, conducted and financed by Hatem Ben Yacoub. …

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China announcement on big data promotion to transform social governance

China’s Cabinet, the State Council publishes guidelines to promote the opening and sharing of government data to improve governance, boost innovation  and promote economic restructuring, with the aim of forging a new model of social governance. A mechanism will be

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Do we need a better open data tool for UK political donations?

Post: 6 September 2015 Last week on Twitter (from whence all things open data begin) Lawrence Serewicz drew our attention to the launch of Power Search, a new search engine for political campaign contribution data for California, and asked: As covered by

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The relationship between extractives and financing development

11 August 2015 Eddie Rich The EITI as a tool for bringing the benefits of natural resources to citizens. Many important points were made at last month’s Financing for Development Conference in Addis, Ethiopia. Moving from declarations to actions will

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OpenAus Overview & Call to Action

OpenAus is a new project in financial and political transparency for Australia. OpenAus relies on ‘open data’. Open data is data (usually published by governments) that is made available free for re-use for commercial or non-commercial uses. OpenAus takes financial

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Guest post: How Open Results Based Financing is creating trust and transparency in Burundi

Results-based financing (RBF) emerged as a key part of the “aid effectiveness” agenda in development financing. It is an approach that helps build resilient and sustainable public services where payments are made based on specified outcomes that can be proven

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All About Addis: Progress and Projections for FFD3

This week, all eyes are on Addis Ababa as world leaders attempt to agree on a way to finance development for the next 15 years. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) estimated that if the world wants

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Open Data in Financing for Development (FfD): Driving Ownership and Innovation

“Open Data is about receiving complete data in a timely manner. Open data is a first step for sustainability, because it ensures country ownership”, Gladys Ghartey from the Ministry of Finance in Ghana highlighted the need for better data to

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Open Financial Data: Issy-les-Moulineaux’ interactive financial report

Issy-les-Moulineaux City Council has ruled on the financial statements of the past fiscal year on April 9th, 2015. The City has taken the opportunity to open financial data regarding its 2014 expenses along with a dozen datasets related to budget on its Open

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