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China announcement on big data promotion to transform social governance

China’s Cabinet, the State Council publishes guidelines to promote the opening and sharing of government data to improve governance, boost innovation  and promote economic restructuring, with the aim of forging a new model of social governance. A mechanism will be

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The Trouble With Disappearing Summer Jobs

Summer jobs build character. (Fox) In my late teens, I developed skills that have served me invaluably as an employee and an economist. I had complete confidence that I could move just about anywhere, find a job, a place to

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Which British cities have the best and worst employment rates?

Economics Britain Charts CfC datablogs “Gissa job, mate.” A queue outside a job centre in Bristol back in 2009. Image: Getty. The latest instalment of our weekly series, in which we use the Centre for Cities’ data tools to crunch

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Where are new jobs being created and where are the growth areas within Cambridgeshire?

The population of Cambridgeshire is forecast to grow by approximately 25% between 2013 and 2036 (Cambridgeshire Research Group’s 2013-Based Population Forecasts). The rise in population will be driven in part by significant housing developments within the County. Cambridgeshire experienced a

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