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4 points to consider when designing an Open Data programme

This is truly unchartered for me since I have never written a blog before – even though I have been a software geek for more than two decades (!). My job at the Open Institute is to manage technology largely

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China announcement on big data promotion to transform social governance

China’s Cabinet, the State Council publishes guidelines to promote the opening and sharing of government data to improve governance, boost innovation  and promote economic restructuring, with the aim of forging a new model of social governance. A mechanism will be

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Data as Culture 2015: July Curator’s statement

Data as Culture 3: Data Anthropologies places people at the centre of emerging data landscapes. The Open Data Institute offers itself as the focal point of this exploration by hosting a series of artists’ residencies. Photographic artist Natasha Caruana, in

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Open Data tool to help Arts and Heritage reach communities

Culture Everywhere helps organisations engage communities Culture Everywhere wins Nesta and ODI’s Heritage and Culture Open Data Challenge. The new platform uses open data to help organisations support and engage communities An online platform that helps arts and heritage organisations

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Viaggiart: Culture around you, wherever you are

The ViaggiArt project, promoted by the Italian company Altrama, is an open data based web platform and mobile application for cultural tourism. The solution, which is already available in Italy, allows tourists to access reliable open data based information (description, location,

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Heritage and Culture Open Data Challenge

Nesta and the Open Data Institute are running the Heritage and Culture Open data Challenge. Three finalists have been announced, and featured on BBC Click Radio. The three finalists are: City Radar we aim to develop a Software as a

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Can Open Data revolutionise Heritage and Culture? There’s £50,000 to help you find out

Guest post by: Briony Phillips I spent the last weekend being inspired by an eclectic group of entrepreneurs, economists, knitters, project managers and developers who had a shared interest in how we can inject some fresh, data driven ideas and

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