Heritage and Culture Open Data Challenge

BBC Click

Nesta and the Open Data Institute are running the Heritage and Culture Open data Challenge.

Three finalists have been announced, and featured on BBC Click Radio.

The three finalists are:

City Radar

we aim to develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) called City Radar that turns our existing audience development methodology into something more dynamic, that can be used on a daily basis by organisations and by funders. Each user will then add what data source is relevant to them onto their “radar”, by utilising three data sources:

  • Open data, which can be visualised and interrogated easily
  • Data generated from visitors across all city radar users on a dynamic basis
  • Dynamic assessment of information on each city based on what is being talked about on social media

Culture Everywhere

Culture Everywhere is a platform which enables grassroots community arts organisations across the country to fulfil their mission of taking arts and heritage activities out into neighbourhoods to reach communities who do not currently access mainstream culture.

We deliver a project development and research tool that gathers open data and information useful to community arts organisation in one place. Subscribers are able to use Culture Everywhere to construct proposals for potential arts projects and activities, and discover evidence from the data to help them understand how best to target their work, how it is situated amongst other activity, and where relevant good practice and research data can be leveraged.


On the surface, Rabble is a kickstarter-style platform, enabling families to find local heritage and culture “volunteering” activities. Starting in one city but spreading across the UK and beyond, sites owned by member organisations (e.g. NT, EH, HHA, RSPB) will list projects families can help with (e.g. clear the gardens). Beneath the surface, Rabble’s spread across the country will be driven by and be the catalyst for an open data revolution in the heritage sector.

They each received £5,000 and a bespoke incubation package from NESTA. The final winner of the Challenge will receive the grand prize of £50,000 will be announced in May 2015.

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