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What is a smart city?

How can data, technology and smart infrastructure be used to future-proof our cities? What’s the role of citizens in shaping their design and development? Find out about all this and more by registering for our Free Online Course!   It’s

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New research paper on Open Data as Open Educational Resources

‘Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Towards transversal skills and global citizenship‘ is one of the research articles featured in the ICDE Prizes for Innovation and Best Practice journal 2015. The paper, authored by Javiera Atenas, Leo Havemann, and Ernesto Priego, offers

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‘No more crossed wires’: how open innovation is born from company collaboration

‘No more crossed wires’: how open innovation is born from company collaboration Open Data Institute trainer Ben Cave shares the wide benefits of the open approach taken with eLearning developer Sponge UK in collaborating on the newly launched European Data

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Habits and open data: Helping students develop a theory of scientific mind

(This article was originally published at BayesFactor: Software for Bayesian inference, and syndicated at StatsBlogs.) This post is related to my open science talk with Candice Morey at Psychonomics 2015 in Chicago; also read Candice’s new post on the pragmatics:

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Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Case studies of emerging practice

Book edited by Javiera Atenas and Leo Havemann: “…is the outcome of a collective effort that has its origins in the 5th Open Knowledge Open Education Working Group call, in which the idea of using Open Data in schools was

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Datawijs, bridge between young people and open data

Open data is gaining more importance these days. Yet, a lot of young people don’t know what open data is, or how they can benefit from it. That’s where Datawijs comes in. It’s an interactive video series, that introduces teenagers

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Teaching Open Data for Social Movements: a Research Strategy

This article aims to describe the experience of the course “Open Data and Social Movements”, conceived as a tool for research on open data engagement. While it focuses on training activists to understand and use open data, it enables observation

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China announcement on big data promotion to transform social governance

China’s Cabinet, the State Council publishes guidelines to promote the opening and sharing of government data to improve governance, boost innovation  and promote economic restructuring, with the aim of forging a new model of social governance. A mechanism will be

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Open Data Party Akure – Treading new grounds in Nigeria!

  Cross-Section of participants We took the open data party to the Southwest of Nigeria with the goal of building a data literate community in Nigeria. School of Data collaborated with the Nigeria Open data Access (NODA) team of the University of

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