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New research paper on Open Data as Open Educational Resources

‘Open Data as Open Educational Resources: Towards transversal skills and global citizenship‘ is one of the research articles featured in the ICDE Prizes for Innovation and Best Practice journal 2015. The paper, authored by Javiera Atenas, Leo Havemann, and Ernesto Priego, offers

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Datawijs, bridge between young people and open data

Open data is gaining more importance these days. Yet, a lot of young people don’t know what open data is, or how they can benefit from it. That’s where Datawijs comes in. It’s an interactive video series, that introduces teenagers

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7 Questions Every Data Scientist Should Be Answering for Business

    Business professional of all levels have asked me over the years what is it that I should know that my Data Science department may not be telling me. To be candid, many Data Scientist operate in fear wondering

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