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Smart people in a smart city

There have been some big grins in the Bath: Hacked community this week due to a couple of high-profile mentions of the work we’ve been doing. I thought it would be a good opportunity to summarise what we’re trying to achieve both now

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5 days, 3 projects – An amazing week in local Open Data

It’s been an incredible week for open data projects in Bath and North East Somerset. Three amazing pieces of work shipped and we are so excited that we’ve just had to tell everyone about it. In no particular order, this

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Five ways that open data can improve your life (in Bath)

We thought it was high time we put together a list of useful things made by local developers, all of which are powered by open data. Read on to see our short list of free applications. And a call to

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Bath Young Rewired State Festival of Code 2015

We’re very pleased to feature this guest post from Danielle Vass, co-founder of Teach Programming another Bath based community interest company. Danielle recently supported a group of young people from the area in creating open data powered hacks for the

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Summers of Data, 4th July

People! It’s time for our first hack as a fully formed and funded CiC. Summers of Data is a super relaxed 1-day hack on 4th July to celebrate our new Independence. (You saw what we did there.) We have lots

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What is a community interest company, and why have we become one?

On 18th April 2015 Bath: Hacked became a community interest company. In this post I wanted to briefly outline what that means for Bath: Hacked and what we’re hoping to achieve next. We’ve successfully achieved our two initial goals of publishing open

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Bath accident blackspots 1996-2013

My pal Mark spent a lot of time compiling data on road traffic accidents in Bath and turned it into this mesmerising timelapse map. In not untypical developer fashion, he then plonked it on the Interweb, sent a tweet and

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The “Golden Rules”

We have five golden rules which we think help make Bath:Hacked such a success – here they are! We are working on establishing ourselves as a Social Enterprise. As we’ve been going through this process and over the last 18

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