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Publishing Open Data with PowerBI

Microsoft’s PowerBI is a new tool for creating reports and visualisations. The desktop application is currently free and publishing data is very easy. Step 1 Open your data from the wide selection …

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From data crunching to storytelling: Lessons from six months of Urbs.London

Comments Credit: By Justgrimes on Flickr. Some rights reserved. Over the past six months, journalist Gary Rogers and media strategist Alan Renwick have run the experimental website Urbs.London, a news operation which turns open data into news stories. The site

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How the Census Bureau evangelizes open data

Apps using open data to solve civic problems were showcased at Census Bureau demo day.

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#HLDJ Conference 6th and 7th November 2015

This post was created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://digidickinson.net/2015/06/22/hldj-conference-6th-and-7th-november-2015/ This isn’t meant to be a conference about Hyperlocal data journalism (but it could be!) It’s a conference about the way that Hyperlocal AND/OR data AND/OR journalism

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Is that a car park in your pocket?

My wife has a high bar for things that can genuinely be called useful. Bath: Hacked has finally managed to impress her. I love open data and bang on a lot about it – it’ll change the world, right? Unfortunately

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