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the Monumental Archive Project: an open database of historic cemeteries

Originally published 31st August 2015 Archaeologists, historians, genealogists, community groups, and cemetery enthusiasts all over the world have recognized the historical value of gravestones for studying identity, social relationships, tradition, practice and choice, grief and emotion, self-representation, symbolism, trade and

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The Big Picture- Big Bata, Knowledge Organisation and the Historic Environment: Shaping the future of Historic Environment Service Provision

Videos from the CIfA conference– Organiser(s): Sarah Reilly, Historic England, Sarah MacLean, Historic England, Marion Page, Dyfed Archaeology, Emily La-Trobe Batemen, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, and Jane Golding, Historic England Local government is facing cuts of a level not seen since

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Open Database of Historic Cemeteries

In development: an open database of historic cemeteries. “The MAP project’s interface will be an open-access website with a database of monumental records, a curated collection of research projects (connecting data to methods and interpretations), and an interactive means of

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Unremembering the forgotten

Keynote presented at DH2015, 3 July 2015. Full slides available on SlideShare.   This, you might be surprised to learn, is not the first time that Australia has welcomed some of the world’s leading thinkers to its shores. Just over a

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My two lives

My blog hasn’t quite caught up the fact that I now have two jobs to go along with my two lives. Monday to Wednesday I’m still part of the Trove management team at the National Library of Australia, but on

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How collaboration made history in Bath

Bath: Hacked has brought the city’s historic maps to life with a combination of pure geekery, hard work and openness. It’s even more remarkable for the fact that nobody worked together. This is a story that deserves to be told

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