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Tinkering With Data Consuming WordPress Plugins

Now that I’ve got my own webspace on Reclaim Hosting and set up a handful of my own WordPress blog, I started having a tinker with some custom plugins. I’ve started off with something simple, a couple of shortcode plugins

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Registers: authoritative lists you can trust

We’ve mentioned registers a few times on this blog, most recently in relation to the work of the Land Registry building on the steel thread, the brilliant new Companies House public beta, and their importance for building platforms. For the

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It was all a dream: Land Registry’s Price Paid dataset isn’t really open data after all.

Post: 8 January 2015 Last month I sent Land Registry the following query: Land Registry’s Price Paid Data has been released under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL). The Open Government Licence includes an exemption for “third party rights the

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How far can we trust open data?

Post: 29 November 2014 This post is also published on the Royal Statistical Society’s StatsLife site. How far can we trust open data? This is a trick question, of course, with no right answer. When it comes to data, “open” is mainly a

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