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Roundtable helps DOT improve transportation safety data

Underpinning DOT’s many safety programs and regulations is a wealth of data, much of it publicly shared. That data informs our decision-making and supports our objective of the safest possible outcomes for all users of the transportation system. But that

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Making the most of data: making data more open

A while back, I published an article on the use of open data sets, covering some of the things that were already being done and what may be possible in the near- to mid-term.  After this was published, David Patterson

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Pharmacies and Road Safety

Keeping on with the trend we have just released two new datasets into www.yorkopendata.org : Pharmacies and Road Safety. The “Pharmacies” data is provided in both, csv and geospatial format. The York area specific “Road Safety“ data represents the most

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Bright spots in criminal justice data from Connecticut to Colorado

Screenshot of Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Data Portal (Photo credit: Connecticut Data Collaborative)   Sunlight’s criminal justice project is in the process of creating a catalog of criminal justice data nationwide. So far, we have collected metadata on what

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Oakland, Calif.’s Real-Time Crime Map Uses Data to Drive Community Engagement

In today’s world, there has never been a bigger demand for transparency than when it comes to how law enforcement reacts to crime. So to meet that demand, the city of Oakland, Calif., is launching its Oakland Police Department Calls

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Top 5 Ways Open Data Is Changing Lives

We’ve scoured the news for the most spectacular ways open data is transforming the world right now. Here are our top five picks — do you agree? Tell us your ideas. Giving the World’s Crisis Workers Vital Information “How many

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Environment Agency makes LiDAR data open

The Environment Agency is placing two sets of LiDAR data – an aerial map created by laser scans – into the open data realm as part of a move to encourage more third parties into flood risk modelling. It plans

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The Future of Civic Tech: 8 Localities Showcase Their Initiatives

Gathering at its San Francisco headquarters June 10, the civic innovation group Code for America (CfA) showcased a lineup of latest apps and efforts for eight localities in 2015. Tagged as its BETA event, the meeting provided a status update

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Twenty reasons to sign up for BlueLightCamp 2015

Tickets are now available for BlueLightCamp on 6 and 7 June in Birmingham. Here are 20 reasons to sign up It’s free. It will be the best event you’ve ever been to (we really believe this) It’s on a weekend

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Open Data and Public Safety

Share As people who are really passionate about data, we are constantly thinking about ways to use it to make the world a better place. Every 2 hours and 42 minutes a civilian death from fire occurs, according to the

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