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Everyone loves a laser

It’s been really interested to watch how the recently published Environment Agency (EA) LIDAR data has been seized on by a variety of communities to create interesting, fun and useful tools. For many people, myself included, learning about LIDAR has been

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You (yes, you) can find Roman roads using data collected by lasers

Roads Environment agency. The Romans built a whole load of roads during their 350 year occupation of Britain: over 3,000 km’ worth, in fact. No one attempted a road project on that scale again until the early 18th century, more than

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Launching a Challenge for the Water Environment

Last Wednesday night (25/11/15) the #OpenDefra team were privileged to attend the launch of the Geovation Water Challenge at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Water’s Innovation Reception in the Houses of Parliament. The event included the Geovation Challenge launch, stands to

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UK insurers (and Flood Re) must be open about their use of flood risk data

Post: 13 November 2015 Last week the Association of British Insurers (ABI) called on property search websites to include flood risk information in the material they present about properties for sale. Suitable open data for England is available from the

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Blender landscapes – EA open data

Langdale, Lake District Last month, the Environment Agency released all of its lidar data as open data, free for anyone to use. So I did! The data covers 72% of England, and includes 2m, 1m, 50cm and 25cm resolution digital terrain

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Wine industry takes up government open data

Laser data from the Environment Agency is to be used to pinpoint land suitable for growing high quality grapes

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Using data to improve the environment

Sir Philip Dilley at the UK Environment Agency: “We live in a data rich world. As an engineer I know the power of data in the design and implementation of new urban spaces, iconic buildings and the infrastructure on which we

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Environment Agency National Data List

Today we have published our National Dataset List (NDL) on GOV.UK. The NDL details the data we hold across the Environment Agency and which departments are responsible for it. We are publishing this to show some of the data we

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Laser surveys light up open data

For the last 17 years the Environment Agency has used lasers to map and scan the English landscape from above to help us carry out work such as flood modelling and tracking changing coastal habitats. This month, for the first

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Defra’s opening up its data

This image was taken using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, by shooting a laser beam down to the ground from an aircraft. LIDAR is useful for all sorts of applications, and the Environment Agency (an arms-length body under the

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