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You (yes, you) can find Roman roads using data collected by lasers

Roads Environment agency. The Romans built a whole load of roads during their 350 year occupation of Britain: over 3,000 km’ worth, in fact. No one attempted a road project on that scale again until the early 18th century, more than

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Why, what and how: modernising Defra

People beyond ‘the world of Whitehall-watching’ should care about reform in government, Liz Truss told an audience at a recent Institute for Government event, because ‘the how’ is inextricably linked to the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ – the mission a

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Natural England opens-up seabed datasets

Following the Secretary of State’s announcement in June 2015 that Defra would become an open, data driven organisation we have been working hard at Natural England to start unlocking our rich collection of data. We have opened up 71 data

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Launching a Challenge for the Water Environment

Last Wednesday night (25/11/15) the #OpenDefra team were privileged to attend the launch of the Geovation Water Challenge at the All Party Parliamentary Group on Water’s Innovation Reception in the Houses of Parliament. The event included the Geovation Challenge launch, stands to

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Food, Glorious Food; Data, Marvellous Data!

Last night the Secretary of State for Environment, Elizabeth Truss, launched Great British Food a five year campaign celebrating British food in this country and around the world, tearing down outdated stereotypes about a bland British diet and showing off the

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Wine industry takes up government open data

Laser data from the Environment Agency is to be used to pinpoint land suitable for growing high quality grapes

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Defra’s opening up its data

This image was taken using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, by shooting a laser beam down to the ground from an aircraft. LIDAR is useful for all sorts of applications, and the Environment Agency (an arms-length body under the

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Beginning to accelerate….

Yesterday, Thursday 30th July 2015, has been a real step forwards in the #OpenDefra accelerator project work. We have spent the past month or so working out how we are going to approach delivering the Secretary of State’s ambitious Open

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What we learnt at the First #OpenDefra Data Governance workshop

Hi, I’m Lisa Allen; I am the lead for the data governance workstream of the #OpenDefra Data Programme. On 25 June the Secretary of State set out her vision for open data to transform food and farming. She gave a

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Farming it out: Is Defra’s latest open data push the shape of things to come?

Environment secretary Liz Truss has hailed Defra’s new Open Data Initiative as the biggest ever “data give-away” by government. But what will it mean in practice? Mark Rowe reports It’s a sunny day and canoeists across England head for the

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