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Mexico’s future will be decidedly ‘Open’

Barbara Ubaldi, Head of the Unit, Digital Government, Open Data and Data-driven Public Sector, OECD and Arturo Rivera, Open Data Policy Analyst, OECD When hurricane Patricia made landfall near Cuixmala, Mexico, on the evening of October 23, 2015, it had

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How the New ‘Smart’ City Tackles Disaster Management with Open Data and Civic Tech

To date, smart city initiatives have been largely top down efforts accompanied by hefty infrastructure investments. They’ve also targeted similar areas for improvements, like parking, street lighting, transportation, water and energy use, and waste management.   However, in “The next-generation

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Pushing DRRM forward in the Philippines: Project NOAH’s open data, real time use, and a look on human behaviour

“We have our data. It’s open. We teach you how to use it, so in times of danger, you know what to do. But the problem is the Filipino’s willingness to learn about disaster risk. There are 10.2 million tweets

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GovHack 2015 International and National winners

Below is a list of all of the GovHack 2015 International and National winners… The GovHack 2015 International categories had competitors across Australia and New Zealand:  The International Best Disaster Mitigation Hack, iHelp by team Tremorz in New Zealand https://hackerspace.govhack.org/content/tremorz

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Public Sector News: Utilizing data and social media for public benefits

The week of August 10, 2015 was quite an interesting week in public sector news, especially in regard to education. A story about child geniuses destined for careers in cybersecurity is particularly noteworthy. And a passionate argument about data in

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The City of No-Frills Innovation

A media juggernaut is already beginning to amass in the Gulf Coast, eager to retell the story of Hurricane Katrina and take stock of the efforts to rebuild affected communities 10 years on. Then as now, New Orleans was and

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Open data ‘not enough to improve lives’

By Tania Rabesandratana [LONDON] Governments in developing countries must ensure the statistics they publish can be used to improve citizens’ lives, practitioners told SciDev.Net following an open data meeting. Liz Carolan, the international development manager at host organisation the Open

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Engaging more data actors in the Philippines for disaster response

Whenever there is an emergency in the Philippines, various organisations and institutions organise themselves into emergency clusters and working groups to increase the effectiveness of the response. One of the crucial elements of disaster response is information management. In various emergency contexts,

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Lessons for open data from the Fukishima nuclear disaster

IAEA fact-finding team leader visit the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Photo by Greg Webb / IAEA CC by 2.0 In the aftermath of the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and Level 7 nuclear disaster there was almost no publicly available information

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Open Data and Public Safety

Share As people who are really passionate about data, we are constantly thinking about ways to use it to make the world a better place. Every 2 hours and 42 minutes a civilian death from fire occurs, according to the

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