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Open Data and the Public Sector event

Back in July, I was able to attend an event hosted by the Friends of the Library at the South Bank campus of Griffith University here in Brisbane. This event, titled “Open Data and the Public Sector“, featured three engaging and knowledgeable

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Is there #OpenData outside #OpenGov?

Is there a public domain separate from the public sector? Is there any interest in applying pressure to the private sector for increased transparency and a less proprietary approach to data? I ask this because when I check in on

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Public Sector News: Utilizing data and social media for public benefits

The week of August 10, 2015 was quite an interesting week in public sector news, especially in regard to education. A story about child geniuses destined for careers in cybersecurity is particularly noteworthy. And a passionate argument about data in

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Open data “map” of UK

“Which parts of the public sector are battling to open up data – or resisting it – in the UK? There are so many moving parts it’s hard to say, really. So, I have produced this “map” to set out

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Why do we need a public sector API group?

Somewhat rashly last week I decided to create a Public Sector API Meetup Group. Why, I hear you ask? The idea has been strongly influenced by Paul Hallett who set up the #LondonAPI meetup group where I have attended, I

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How much does the public sector spend on data?

I gave a short internal presentation this week about open data. As I was writing a few thoughts came to mind based on chats with data users. One of the intriguing questions is – how does the public sector spend

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