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Is Structured Journalism Smarter Journalism?

As a foreign correspondent for a large news agency, I know how important it is to improve the flow of meaningful news and information to clients’ newsrooms. That task is increasingly challenging as social media (especially Twitter) and online organisations

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Overview of initial #openaus Twitter chat

Saturday morning marked the official launch of the #openaus hashtag, a place for ongoing discussion of financial and political transparency as it relates to open data. The chat was an opportunity to share a proposed change to the Corporations Act

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Sentiment Analysis APIs Benchmark

Sentiment analysis is a powerful example of how machine learning can help developers build better products with unique features. In short, sentiment analysis is the automated process of understanding if text written in a natural language (English, Spanish, etc.) is

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data.gov.au July 2015 report

Hey folks, This month we’d like to take a diversion from our usual report update and instead talk about CKAN’s DataStore extension (however – for the record – another 269 datasets were added in July). The extension enables data.gov.au to

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On the geopolitics of “platforms”

Robyn Caplan is one of ten 2015 Milton Wolf Emerging Scholar Fellows, an accomplished group of doctoral and advanced MA candidates selected to attend the 2015 Milton Wolf Seminar. Their posts highlight critical themes and on-going debates raised during the

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Saving the world with Laravel & Cron

Open data can warn people when it’s too late to save their homes from an earthquake. I made it work in Bath, here’s how to protect your town. The spec: To create an alert system that detects significant earthquakes reported

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Don’t laugh at my Twitter

I left Twitter and now I’m back. This is awkward. Yes, yes, I know. For someone who loathes Twitter, I seem to include it in far too many posts. I am back and going under the none too surprising handle:

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