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Do we need a better open data tool for UK political donations?

Post: 6 September 2015 Last week on Twitter (from whence all things open data begin) Lawrence Serewicz drew our attention to the launch of Power Search, a new search engine for political campaign contribution data for California, and asked: As covered by

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Navigating the choppy waters of…

Annie goes with her convictions. She has strongly held beliefs about the world, and holds on to evidence that backs them up. She’s not certain about everything of course, but she gets most of her information from a limited range

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Open data & open government – a new paradigm?

The internet is often hailed for its promise and role played in political change. Now anyone can blog or Tweet. Social media has played a major role in democratic uprisings around the world and ending political careers domestically. Likewise, open

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OpenAus Overview & Call to Action

OpenAus is a new project in financial and political transparency for Australia. OpenAus relies on ‘open data’. Open data is data (usually published by governments) that is made available free for re-use for commercial or non-commercial uses. OpenAus takes financial

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Open data and the politics of scholarly practice

It’s now a good few years since academic publishers put in place differential pricing arrangements for developing economies in Africa. And although a complex transition is still in place a large number of academic publications are freely available through Creative

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On the geopolitics of “platforms”

Robyn Caplan is one of ten 2015 Milton Wolf Emerging Scholar Fellows, an accomplished group of doctoral and advanced MA candidates selected to attend the 2015 Milton Wolf Seminar. Their posts highlight critical themes and on-going debates raised during the

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The open data community comes together to talk data, power, politics

This post originally appeared on NDI’s DemocracyWorks blog. The Third International Open Data Conference in Ottawa last week brought together more than 1,000 open data advocates from a diverse array of countries and professional backgrounds to discuss open government and

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Talk on “Digital Transparency and the Politics of Open Data” at King’s College London, 8th May 2015

I was invited to give a talk at a conference on the “Politics of Big Data” at King’s College London, which took place yesterday. I spoke about “Digital Transparency and the Politics of Open Data” and gave an overview of

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Open data: What can we expect from the conservatives?

We have a conservative government in the UK for the next five years.  I’ve been looking at open data a lot for some research that I’m doing so I wanted to cast a proper eye over their manifesto to see

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Gender equality in Italy: politics, business, and labor

Openpolis, a political watchdog in Italy, published a “MiniDossier” that uses data journalism to analyze gender equality in Italy. The main focus of the work is on the distribution of leadership roles between men and women. Two different topics of interest

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