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The First Step: Collaboration and Democratization Around Information

#OpenData changing conversations in and around Government ¶ There are great examples of success when the government opens data. Continue reading on Medium »

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Hidden data in parliamentary documents

This post was written by Khairil Yusof and originally appeared on the Sinar Project blog here.  The Malaysian government may not make some data easily available, but it can still be found and extracted from parliamentary proceedings. In constrained environments

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Open data and (15 million!) new measures of democracy

Women’s Political Empowerment Index for Southeast Asia (Data: V-Dem data version 5; Figure V-Dem Institute, University of Gothenberg, Sweden) Last month the University of Gothenberg’s V-Dem Institute released a new “Varieties of Democracy” dataset. It provides about 15 million data

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Interview: Alon Peled on open data, incentives, and ‘Traversing Digital Babel’

Governments across the world have attempted to improve their capacity for open data, with the UK improving its efforts since the turn of the decade markedly. Last year, Sean Kippin interviewed Alon Peled, an academic and computer software expert who

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Open Election Data Pays Off in Uganda

We here at the Open Election Data Initiative noticed yesterday that the Election Commission of Uganda made voter registration information available for free at a granular level. Naturally, we were excited to see those two open data principles at work.

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The Russian government ‘embraces’ transparency

Russia is finally embracing transparency—so long as it poses no threat to political stability.   As the response of Russia’s Prosecutor General to accusations of graft this week shows, nothing gets Russian public officials angrier than journalists rooting through sensitive

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Introducing Elex, a Tool to Make Election Coverage Better for Everyone

By Jeremy Bowers, David Eads It could be a new day, for your election data. (Kheel Center) “End the elections arms race” has become a rallying cry in American data journalism. Many newsrooms spend tremendous resources writing code to simply

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Perspectives on Devo-South

1. The bids so far and mapping out our challenges Our most recent research report for Business South looked at the challenges and opportunities in central southern England – incorporating some great maps from OS – and analysed the bids so

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Teaching Open Data for Social Movements: a Research Strategy

Alan Freihof Tygel and Maria Luiza Machado Campo at the Journal of Community Informatics: “Since the year 2009, the release of public government data in open formats has been configured as one of the main actions taken by national states in

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Vote Smarter: 3 Open Data Tools for a More Open Democracy

Jenny Mutton Our country’s current administration is not known for being open and transparent. So when making a voting decision in the federal election on October 19th, how can we […]

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