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2015: triumphs, setbacks and the way forward for the Web in Africa

As we say farewell to 2015, Africa Regional Director Nnenna Nwakanma reflects on the state of the Web in Africa.   What a year for the Web in Africa. Here at the Web Foundation, I’ve watched events unfold across the continent impacting

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Datafication and empowerment: How the open data movement re-articulates notions of democracy, participation, and journalism

Stefan Baack at Big Data and Society: “This article shows how activists in the open data movement re-articulate notions of democracy, participation, and journalism by applying practices and values from open source culture to the creation and use of data.

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The future of government is open

The World Bank Group sees the pillars of a more open and citizen centric government–transparency, citizen participation, and collaboration–as strategic priorities in its work on governance because they suggest concrete ways to promote shared prosperity. Having made significant strides to

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Ten Years After Katrina: New Orleans’ Recovery, and What Data Had to Do with it

By Denice Ross, Presidential Innovation Fellow As a New Orleanian, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come in the 10 years since Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures. In the days of the aftermath, we had a tremendous effort

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Data Openers 237

The Open Data Community of Cameroon is now existing!!! Join us and be also an Data Openers 237…

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Open data & open government – a new paradigm?

The internet is often hailed for its promise and role played in political change. Now anyone can blog or Tweet. Social media has played a major role in democratic uprisings around the world and ending political careers domestically. Likewise, open

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Is the open data discussion open enough?

David Saldivar is the Aid Effectiveness Policy and Advocacy Manager at Oxfam America. The conversation around open data for development is expansive; but even with all the talk the discussion almost always lapses into a narrow dialogue between donors and

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What We Can Learn from the First Internet of Things City

As cities across the globe continue to struggle with issues related to skyrocketing populations, they should pay close attention to what Intel is doing in Dublin. Before construction has been completed, most new housing developments feature a model home to

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Let’s Pull Public Comment into the 21st Century with San Francisco’s Prop. E

In 1991, computer scientists at the University of Cambridge pointed a camera at a coffee machine and programmed it to broadcast images of the pot levels to anyone in their building with a need for caffeine. With that, webcams and

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Why are some areas falling behind in university participation?

SPC launches major new research project into widening participation to Higher Education The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) have produced and published a set of analysis that looks into trends in HE. In particular their statistics on young

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