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Creative Commons and Hope — How Open Access Journals Helped Me in a Dark Time

I’m bad with linear time. Sometime about two months ago, my daughter was four months old. She was healthy and happy and life was good for our family. When we brought her in for her four-month vaccination, I asked our

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Zika Emergency Puts Open Data Policies to the Test

Larry Peiperl and Peter Hotez at PLOS: “The spreading epidemic of Zika virus, with its putative and alarming associations with Guillain-Barre syndrome and infant microcephaly, has arrived just as several initiatives have come into place to minimize delays in sharing the

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The Promise and Perils of Open Medical Data

Sharona Hoffman at the Hastings Center: “Not long ago I visited the Personal Genome Project’s website. The PGP describes its mission as “creating public genome, health, and trait data.” In the “Participant Profiles” section, I found several entries that disclosed

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Open data portal launches to shed light on drug prescriptions

There has been a significant increase in the amount of open healthcare data in recent years, and one of the more interesting projects is undoubtedly Open Prescribing. The venture, which is headed by Ben Goldacre, was developed by researchers at

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Seminar: Open Data in Health & Social Care

Jamie Whyte came in to speak to us about open data in Health and Social Care. He works for Trafford council using open data to help the council target campaigns to specific areas to raise awareness of…

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Open Prescribing

“Every month, the NHS in England publishes anonymised data about the drugs prescribed by GPs. But the raw data files are large and unwieldy, with more than 600 million rows. We’re making it easier for GPs, managers and everyone to

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Arguments for data transparency — a list for advocates

The benefits of openness can be found around the globe. In these past few years working with local transparency activists, I have been collecting examples on how opening up data (especially government data) can help improve our lives. What I’ve

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Will Open Data Policies Contribute to Solving Development Challenges?

Fabrizio Scrollini at IODC: “As the international open data charter  gains momentum  in the context of the wider development agenda related to the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, a pertinent question to ask is: will open data policies contribute

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The innovative power of open health data

The past few years have seen the tremendous growth in the UK’s Biobank system.  The project, which was created by the Wellcome Trust medical charity, Medical Research Council, Department of Health, Scottish Government and the Northwest Regional Development Agency, has recruited hundreds of thousands of people to

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Demand-Driven Open Data: How to get the health data you need

In the article Identifying and Harnessing Demand to Drive Open Data (on the IDEA Lab blog), we examined the origins and purpose of Demand-Driven Open Data (DDOD).

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