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Arguments for data transparency — a list for advocates

The benefits of openness can be found around the globe. In these past few years working with local transparency activists, I have been collecting examples on how opening up data (especially government data) can help improve our lives. What I’ve

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Bright spots in criminal justice data from Connecticut to Colorado

Screenshot of Connecticut Racial Profiling Prohibition Project Data Portal (Photo credit: Connecticut Data Collaborative)   Sunlight’s criminal justice project is in the process of creating a catalog of criminal justice data nationwide. So far, we have collected metadata on what

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Illuminating the jargon of criminal justice data with Elasticsearch

(Photo credit: Joe in DC/Flickr) Last year, a team of researchers here at the Sunlight Foundation started putting together a wide-ranging but centralized inventory of criminal justice data. As we’ve been doing this important work, other efforts to address issues

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