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The big picture for Open Data Policies Decoded: Helping cities leverage data-driven policy remix

Remixing open data policies can be beneficial for cities. (Image credit: OpenGov Foundation’s Madison project.) Sunlight recently announced Open Data Policies Decoded, a new web resource developed in partnership with the OpenGov Foundation to help connect great policy solutions to

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Shouldn’t text be open data too? The search for an inclusive data definition

Open data policies should be remixed and reformulated to best suit individual cities’ needs. (Photo credit: Justin Grimes/Flickr) As our friends at the OpenGov Foundation know all too well, open access to the law is not a given in American

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Why are some cities so good at releasing open data? Pt. 2

The Asheville Tree Map, powered by open data. (Image credit: Asheville Tree Map) Last week, we looked at some of the best performers on the US City Open Data Census and the policies that helped ensure their top-notch data accessibility.

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Using open data to stimulate new methods of human rights monitoring

Open Schools Kenya, which uses data from multiple sources to map education institutions in the capital of Nairobi. The traditional strategy of monitoring human rights violations goes like this: Local and international human rights groups often focus on legal advocacy,

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How to get involved in Open Data Day 2016

A map of Open Data Day events happening around the world. March 5, 2016 is Open Data Day, and it’s right around the corner! Here’s what you need to know about this worldwide effort to support and en…

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Arguments for data transparency — a list for advocates

The benefits of openness can be found around the globe. In these past few years working with local transparency activists, I have been collecting examples on how opening up data (especially government data) can help improve our lives. What I’ve

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Dear Santa, open your data

We at the Sunlight Foundation believe in transparency and accountability for our leaders. That’s why this holiday season, the presents under the tree aren’t the only things that we’re eagerly anticipating being opened. The time has come for Santa Claus

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Sunlight in 2015: Looking back on the world of opengov

Sunlight in 2015 Investigations State and Local team Federal team International team Criminal justice team TCamp15 From Capitol Hill to city hall to parliament, Sunlight made an impact opening governments large and small, engaging citizens at home and abroad. Take

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Waco becomes 4th What Works City to pass an open data policy

Waco, Texas, became the fourth What Works City, and the fourth city in Texas, to pass an open data policy. Following in the footsteps of recent open data policies in Jackson, Miss., Kansas City, Mo., and Mesa, Ariz., Resolution 2015-756

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OpenGov Voices: Why you should consider ROI when releasing open data

Mark Leech, Application Services Group Manager for Albuquerque, N.M. Since starting in 2012 under the leadership of Mayor Richard J. Berry, Albuquerque’s open data initiative has received good reviews. Perhaps one of the reasons behind this current success is that

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