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Machine-readable budget in a human-friendly format

The White House used Socrata’s open data platform to deliver interactive visualizations of the President’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget proposal.

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Tunisia Presents its Open Budget Project: MIZANIATOUNA (Our Budget)

The Tunisian revolution has spawned a butterfly effect, very specific to its context. On the ground, events have continued to evolve, contributing to a revolution within the Tunisian administration. As a result, the foundation has now been laid for an

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Jakarta’s Participatory Budget

Ramda Yanurzha in GovInsider: “…This is a map of Musrenbang 2014 in Jakarta. Red is a no-go, green means the proposal is approved. To give you a brief background, musrenbang is Indonesia’s flavor of participatory, bottom-up budgeting. The idea is

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Linida, as beautiful it may sound is not somebody’s name, nor a government project. It is a story of people engagement in negotiating their demands to shape the development agenda and improve public services in Batang district, Central Java, Indonesia.

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New Report: “Open Budget Data: Mapping the Landscape”

We’re pleased to announce a new report, “Open Budget Data: Mapping the Landscape” undertaken as a collaboration between Open Knowledge, the Global Initiative for Financial Transparency and the Digital Methods Initiative at the University of Amsterdam. Download the PDF. The

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OpenGov Voices: Bringing understanding and engagement to public budgets

Chris Adams, president of Engaged Public Creating a budget is one of the most important tasks of government, but citizens are more disconnected than ever from the public budgets that direct large chunks of their personal income and pay for

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Help us Follow the Money

Did you know that nine out of ten Africans do not have adequate access to their government’s budget documents? Why is this a problem? Secrecy around how public money is used often leads to corruption, poor quality delivery of services

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Connecticut Furthers Open Government Goals With OpenBudget

The state of Connecticut is once again supporting their belief in open government, this time by updating the “Open Connecticut” hub with a new OpenBudget portal. The portal gives citizens and staff a view of how spending and revenue tracks

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BudgIT: ‘We give Nigerians accessible data, so they can hold leaders to account’

With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Oluseun Onigbinde, Co-founder of BudgIT, a Nigerian civic startup with a mission to make government budgets easier to understand for citizens. BudgIT is a finalist for

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Guest Post: The Benefits of data.gov.au

This post was submitted by Alex Aitkin, Assistant Manager, Research Commercialisation Section in the Science and Commercialisation Policy Division of the Department of Industry and Sciences. Research Commercialisation Section, within the Department of Industry and Science, has benefited from using

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