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Toward an Educational Model for Sensor Journalism

In this episode, we talk with Catherine D’Ignazio (Emerson College, MIT Center for Civic Media), Don Blair (Public Laboratory of Science), Abbey Collins (Emerson College), and Amy Schmitz Weiss (San Diego State University) about education in the realm of sensor

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The Internet of Things & Smart Cities

Our latest conversation in the Sensor Journalism Series was with Yodit Stanton, Rob van Kranenberg and Michael Wayne. We talked the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. Both Yodit and Rob had critical perspectives that prod the Internet of Things

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Sensor Design & Deployment

The first official panel for the Sensor Journalism Series, with Matt Schroyer, Travis Hartman, Shah Selbe, and Willie Schubert took place on March 8th. There are several more events in the series, all of which can be found at http://sensorjournalism.okcast.org.

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Sensors & Journalism with Fergus Pitt

This first session in the Sensor Journalism Webinar Series discussed the Sensors & Journalism report from Columbia’s Tow Center with Fergus Pitt. You can view the archived video here. The next session is March 8th. You can see the schedule

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Announcing: The Sensor Journalism Webinar Series

Sensor Journalism Series hosted by the OKCast and Sensor Journalism Lab Some exciting news! There’s going to be a webinar series on sensor journalism starting in March 2015. This is a new experiment for us at the OKCast, using a

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Episode #23 – The Open Government Tour of Canada with Richard Pietro

Episode 23 is the first to roll out in 2015! But don’t let that fool you… we recorded it in 2014. But what might fool you is that there’s some new voices in town on the OKCast this year. I

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Episode #22 – Arfon Smith – GitHub, Open Science and Academic Culture Change

In this episode, I talk with Arfon Smith of GitHub.com. At GitHub, Arfon promotes academic engagement in open source code and open science. Prior to working at GitHub, Arfon worked in a number of positions where he supported a changing infrastructure for the scientific process, built

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Episode #19 – Sensor Journalism and Citizen Science with Lily Bui

Lily Bui, Copyright Lily Bui, Used with Permission of Author In Episode 19 of the podcast, I talk with Lily Bui, a researcher and journalist exploring what she calls sensor journalism. Sensor journalism, as she says it, is a method of collecting

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Beginning a Public Open Data Infrastructure: An Interview with OpenAddresses

We caught up this week with Ian Dees, founder of the OpenAddresses project. OpenAddresses is trying to collect address information for every block all across the United States. They’re doing an impressive job – nearly 30% there. They’ve got a massive

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Mushon Zer-Aviv (@mushon) of Public Knowledge Workshop and Tin Geber (@tingeber) of the Engine Room – OKFestival Interview

In this interview, I speak with Mushon Zer-Aviv (@mushon, www.mushon.com) of the Public Knowledge Workshop and Tin Geber (@tingeber, at the Engine Room) of the Engine Room. We talk about a topic close to my heart – “Openwashing” and Can Open

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