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Open Data – Using Free Data to Build Your Business – with Joel Gurin – The Foundation

Joel Gurin, author of the book and website Open Data Now, knows everything there is to know about open data and how companies and entrepreneurs are using it to create and develop their businesses. Ope…

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New routes open up data for Jamaican farmers

New routes open up data for Jamaican farmers By Imogen Mathers If you are unable to listen to this audio, please update your browser or click here to download[11.3 MB] Farming is a sector where access to information has the

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Data Journalism

Your browser does not support native audio, but you can download this MP3 to listen on your device.   Journalists have always used statistics and numbers to tell stories, but never before have we had access to the sheer volumes

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“Why Should We Wait?”: Mapping for the Next Disaster

Today, AidData launches the first of a six-part podcast series to take you past the maps and dashboards on our website to the human stories at the heart of our research. Today’s episode is on the data response to the

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Episode #23 – The Open Government Tour of Canada with Richard Pietro

Episode 23 is the first to roll out in 2015! But don’t let that fool you… we recorded it in 2014. But what might fool you is that there’s some new voices in town on the OKCast this year. I

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Episode #22 – Arfon Smith – GitHub, Open Science and Academic Culture Change

In this episode, I talk with Arfon Smith of GitHub.com. At GitHub, Arfon promotes academic engagement in open source code and open science. Prior to working at GitHub, Arfon worked in a number of positions where he supported a changing infrastructure for the scientific process, built

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Beginning a Public Open Data Infrastructure: An Interview with OpenAddresses

We caught up this week with Ian Dees, founder of the OpenAddresses project. OpenAddresses is trying to collect address information for every block all across the United States. They’re doing an impressive job – nearly 30% there. They’ve got a massive

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Mushon Zer-Aviv (@mushon) of Public Knowledge Workshop and Tin Geber (@tingeber) of the Engine Room – OKFestival Interview

In this interview, I speak with Mushon Zer-Aviv (@mushon, www.mushon.com) of the Public Knowledge Workshop and Tin Geber (@tingeber, at the Engine Room) of the Engine Room. We talk about a topic close to my heart – “Openwashing” and Can Open

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OKFestival 2014 – James Smith of the Open Data Institute – Interview

In this interview, James Smith (@Floppy) talks about one of his Open Data Institute (ODI) software projects: CSVLint. We also reflect on Eric Hysen of Google’s keynote address, discussing the infrastructure of open data and the necessary roles of standards. James also

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OKFestival 2014 – Antonio Acuña – Data.Gov.UK and Open Data Manifesto – Mini-Interview

Antonio Acuña (@diabulos) is head of UK government’s Open Data group (http://data.gov.uk) and was working during the festival on the next steps of their soon-to-be-completed Open Data Manifesto. Festival participants joined the process of co-designing the manifesto to work best for developers, open knowledge

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