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Wikimedia Highlights, July 2015

Here are the highlights from the Wikimedia blog in July 2015. Contents Konkani Wikipedia goes live “Becoming involved in making the changes you want to see”: Leigh Thelmadatter Wikidata, coming soon to a menu near you Wikimedians urge the EU

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Food Inspection App, API Put Restaurants Under the Microscope

America is well acquainted with his culinary expletives. From “f—ing rancid potatoes!” to “f—ing cucumbers!” to “I’ve got [cockroaches] in my f—ing hair!,” his reality TV rage has become a hallmark. But beyond the antics — most erupting from his

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Dinner night? Check the hygiene of your favorite restaurant with health and safety open data

Summer is here to last and tourists walk around looking for the perfect restaurant. After (surely) using our transportation data compilation to travel and our cheese map to whet your appetite, our readers can now check the hygiene of their

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Analytics with a Side of Discretion

In recent months we’ve seen many new technologies and partnerships aimed at helping local government workers conduct restaurant health inspections more effectively and efficiently. In Boston, participants in a civic innovation competition are using Yelp and city data to develop

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Crowdsourcing Prediction

Cities around the country are finding new ways to use their administrative data. But data is all around us, and cities can gain significant insights by forming strategic data partnerships and tapping into the knowledge of the online crowd. This

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From raw Yelp reviews to a model of hygiene violations (in 3 easy steps)

We were so excited about our new civic innovation competition we couldn’t help but get started ourselves! The goal for this competition is to use data from Yelp restaurant reviews to narrow the search for health code violations in Boston.

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Open data and diabetes

In December my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was a pretty rough time. Symptoms can start and escalate very quickly. Hyperglycaemia and ketoacidosis are no joke. But luckily we have one of the best health services in

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