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The 5 Biggest Buzzwords in Tech Right Now

The tech job jargon that attracts top applicants is as subject to changing tastes as the buzzwords found in any industry, perhaps even more so given the constant evolution of technology. Big data, virtual teams, and synergy are on the

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Creating Space for Civil Society Through Technology and Open Data

Credit: Isabela Bernal – Las2Orillas / NDI Colombia Today is International Day of Democracy, a day meant to inspire reflection and celebration of the principles of democracy worldwide. This year’s theme, “Space for Civil Society,” serves as a reminder that

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4 points to consider when designing an Open Data programme

This is truly unchartered for me since I have never written a blog before – even though I have been a software geek for more than two decades (!). My job at the Open Institute is to manage technology largely

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Govt Invites You To Participate In ‘Digitizing India’ & Earn Money

Originally Published On Factly | Author: Rakesh Dubbudu Digitization of government records is an age old problem plaguing the governments. While most departments at both the central & state level have spent thousands of crores on digitization, substantial number of

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How The Semantic Web Can Boost Africa’s Fortunes

In recent years we’ve seen Facebook go public with a $100 billion valuation and General Motors, formerly the world’s biggest company, go effectively bankrupt and need to be bailed out. And hot digital properties like Instagram , SnapChat and WhatsApp

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What Chief Digital Officers can learn from the Digital and Data Revolution in the U.K.

“Incredible change is happening in government,” said Rohan Silva, Co-Founder at Second Home. He should know. As a senior policy adviser to Prime Minister David Cameron from 2010 to 2013, Silva helped spearhead the open data revolution in the United

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Civic Awesome: Open Data in the News for the Week of August 17, 2015

Open data showed its staying power this week, staking more long-term ground in high-level discussions of efficiencies and ethics, as well as demonstrating its life-saving benefits. Plus: New Orleans’ Behind the Numbers blog tackles gun violence with open data. Favor

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Civic Tech Monthly, August 2015

Welcome to the seventh edition of Civic Tech Monthly. Below you’ll find news and notes about civic tech from Australia and around the world. It seems like August has been a busy month for civic hackers everywhere because this month

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California Plans Next Moves for Open Data

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Efforts to bring open data into, well, the open have touched off widespread discussion as to just where the use of the information is headed, and whether there is a need for expanded oversight and state legislation.

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The Shared Economy, Disaggregated Data And Other #GoodReads from Living Cities Staff

Living Cities has been working to dramatically improve the lives of low-income people in America’s cities for close to 25 years now. Our diverse portfolio gives us a unique vantage point to identify trends and accelerate the uptake of promising

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