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Medicine in India: ‘Qualified Quacks’ and a Baffling Drug Landscape

This story is part of a partnership between MedPage Today and VICE News. Everything about 33-year-old Vishal Chand pointed to a myocardial infarction — commonly known as a heart attack — when he presented to Tata Main Hospital in Jamshedpur,

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Beyond Open Data

Beyond Open Data On heartbeats, hippo attacks, and building open story into open APIs. On May 17th, a small team of researchers and Ba’Yei polers set out to explore the Okavango Delta’s catchment from top to bottom. By the time

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Chris Froome’s Tour de France heart rate: closed, shared or open data?

This post was created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://theodi.org/blog/chris-froomes-tour-de-france-heart-rate-closed-shared-or-open-data British cyclist Chris Froome’s ability to navigate the perennial relentlessness of the Tour de France has come into question in recent days. His speed through some of

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Saving lives with Defibrillators in Trafford

According to the British Heart Foundation: a cardiac arrest happens when your heart stops pumping blood around your body. If someone has suddenly collapsed, is not breathing normally and is unresponsive, they are in cardiac arrest. The most common cause

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